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District Library (Fatehabad)

The district derives its name from the eponymous headquarters town founded by Firoz Shah Tughlak in the 14th century. He named it after his son Fateh Khan, as Fatehabad. The Fatehabad district was carved out of Hisar district on 15 July 1997. The climate of the district is of tropical type with intensively hot summer and cool winter, with a temperature of 47°C in June and 2 °C in December and January. The average rainfall of the district is 400 mm.The average annual rainfall in the district is 395.6 mm. The rainfall increases generally from the west towards the east and varies from 339.1 mm at Fatehabad to 428.4 mm at Hisar. About 71 percent of the annual normal rainfall is received during the short south-west monsoon period, July to September, July and August being the rainiest months. Fatehabad district is connected by road with Punjab, Delhi and Sirsa district. A network of metalled roads link all its villages and towns. National Highway No.9 connects Fatehabad with Delhi and Punjab. Fatehabad is set to become the first pink town of Haryana if the planning of the district authorities is translated into reality. Deputy commissioner JS Ahlawat, who has started a campaign of beautification of the town, has resolved to convert Fatehabad into a pink town. District Library, Fatehabad was established as a district library in the year 2007. It has an extensive variety collection of 20218 Books from general books to different subjects and has subscribed to 10 Newspapers and 10 magazines. It is a semi-automated library with a Wifi facility for staff and readers. It has about 245 life members and a fully ventilated hall with 30 to 35 seating capacity and serves approximately 50 to 60 readers and visitors on daily basis. Library remains open for Seven hours and Six days for public daily except Fridays, last Saturday of the month, and public holidays. The charges for lifetime membership are Rs. 500. it serves the information needs of its users without any distinction of class, creed, gender, and occupation. Address: BDPO office near the old bus stand, Fatehabad